Tire Changes

We provide tire changing services. Whether you are changing tires for a particular season or rotating front to back, we've got you covered. We also provide free re-torquing services when you near 100KM. Stop back in and our trained technicians will check all your tires for proper torque, ensuring your tires are safe for travel.





Tire Balancing

Tire balancing (also known as wheel balancing) corrects uneven distribution of weight in the wheels. Imbalanced wheels can lead to vibration, excessive tire wear and even damage to your vehicle's suspension.

We provide balancing services when we install your tires using industry leading tire balancing machines. Our technicians can precisely install the correct tire weights to achieve a properly balanced wheel and tire assembly.



Tire Studding

Winter tire studs are designed to be installed on studdable winter tires, and supplement traction in select winter conditions. We supply studdable tires along with the tire studs.

Winter tire studs have a large diameter cylindrical end that roots down into the tread with a tungsten carbide pin that extends from the active end of the stud.





24/7 Emergency Road Service

Our 24/7 roadside service gives you that added peace of mind when operating your heavy equipment and loaders. We have 2 boom trucks in operation ready to assist.