With so many people depending on forestry businesses, quality forestry tires are essential for smooth running operations. We understand the challenges facing forestry workers, such as demanding environments and unforgiving lands. Cape Breton trusts Island Tire to equip forestry operators with the rights tires.

Popular Brands

We supply popular tire brands that excel on steep terrain, mud and snow, rocky paths, swamp like condition and other unknown hazards.

As one of Cape Breton island's leading tire shops, we work with all types of forestry industry vehicles. Whether you need tires for tractors, skidders, or wheel loaders, we've got you covered.

Expert Knowledge

There is more to purchasing tires than finding the lowest price. While we are indeed competitive with respect to pricing, we also have the expertise to help you make the best selection based on your driving habits, type of vehicle and typical operating environments. Drop in and talk to an Island Tire representative.